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As a HCPC registered Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, I help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movementexercise, education and advice. Within my private physiotherapist role at Motivated Health, I work with people who have knee Osteoarthritis, or activity related knee pain that has lasted over three months (not due to a specific injury). I specifically use the PEAK Training Program from the University of Melbourne as it is designed for use in online consultations.






The PEAK Training Program: Physiotherapy Exercise and Physical Activity for Knee Osteoarthritis.

PEAK is a knee osteoarthritis management program that has been designed to be implemented online via tele-health using platforms such as Zoom. The course has been designed by physiotherapists at the University of Melbourne on the basis of research evidence, for delivery by physiotherapists Worldwide for individuals with knee osteoarthritis. 

What Does the PEAK Program Involve?

PEAK consists of five sessions with a physiotherapist over three months, delivered online using Zoom.

There are four components to the program;

  1. Education about knee osteoarthritis.

  2. Exercise prescription tailored to you for strengthening the muscles around the knee and the lower limb.

  3. A physical activity monitoring program.

  4. The program provides access to online exercise video clips, educational information and exercise booklets (which will be emailed to you prior to your first consultation). 



How Effective is the PEAK program?

The PEAK program is currently undergoing a clinical trial which compares online delivery to face to face care by physiotherapists with knee osteoarthritis. Current evidence suggests that online delivery is effective for knee osteoarthritis and an acceptable mode of delivery. The results of the IMPACT study from the University of Melbourne demonstrated a reduction in knee pain and improved function lasting for at least 6 months. The online delivery of physiotherapy services can be more accessible to more people and a cost-effective method of delivery for the client.

Who Is Suitable for the PEAK Program?

The PEAK program for online delivery is best suited for those over 45 years old who have knee related joint pain. You do not necessarily have to have the diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis but meet some of the criteria below:

  • Over 45 years of age,

  • Pain in your knee with daily activities and morning stiffness that lasts less than 30 minutes,

  • Have some difficulty with stairs or prolonged walking,

  • Have access to a device with internet connection,

  • Completed and passed the ESSA Pre Exercise Screen Tool.


Will you need to speak to my GP before I start the program? 

You will require a medical review from your GP prior to participation if you have had a fall in the past 12 months or are house-bound due to immobility.

If you answered YES to any of the ESSA Pre Exercise Screen Tool you will be required to check with your GP as to whether commencing an exercise program is safe for you. 


Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer this program to you if you have: 

i) an inability to speak English;

ii) are on waiting list for/planning knee/hip surgery in next 12 months;

iii) have previous arthroplasty (joint replacement) of the affected knee;

iv) have had recent knee surgery (past 6 months);

v) are currently consulting / receiving treatment from another physiotherapist / professional for the same problem.

vi) self-reported inflammatory arthritis (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis);

vii) any neurological condition affecting your lower limbs; and/or

viii) any unstable/uncontrolled cardiovascular condition, or any other unstable/uncontrolled medical condition.


PEAK Sessions Summary

Initial Consultation 1 – Week 1 (Up to 60-minute duration)

Review Consultation 2 - Week 2 (Up to 45-minute duration)

Review Consultation 3 – Week 4 (Up to 45-minute duration)

Review Consultation 4 – Week 7 (Up to 45-minute duration)

Review Consultation 5 – Week 10-12 (Up to 45-minute duration)


Preview PEAK Session Plan Here


Included in the program is:

1. A short 10-minute online consult prior to commencing program to determine suitability for the program. We can to test your online platform sound and video and make sure you are familiar with using this prior to our initial consultation if you choose to start the program, but there is no obligationto continue with the program. 

2. An Exercise booklet that will be emailed to you. If you need this printed in black and white or colour and posted then this can be arranged for an extra fee - enquire via email

3. Completion of short 15-minute pre-consultation survey online prior to your first consultation. 

You are not required to pay the total program cost upfront. Payment can be made at least 48 hours before your consultation. That way the cost is spread over three months for you which makes this more affordable for you. However, if you wish to pay up-front then there is a small discount off the Total Program Cost. If paying upfront then this is non-refundable, however you can change your appointment with at least 24 hours notice. There is no refund for cancellations or alterations made within 24 hours of the appointment.

Current Prices:

- Initial Consultation = £65

- Follow-up Consultations = £50

- Total Program cost = £265

- Total Program cost (Five sessions) if paid upfront = £250

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