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I help women with osteoarthritis (OA) or struggling with persistent pain, and those wanting to reduce their risk of osteoarthritis or chronic disease, to ditch the fad diets and lose weight healthily.



The Path To Permanent Weight Loss - Signature Programme


This is not a fad diet, or a quick fix because they do not work in the long term and are awful for your health.

This is about bringing together science-based information and techniques, with personalised, one-to-one health coaching and guidance, to support you in your weight loss journey.

It is designed to be sustainable over the long term, focusing on where you are now; YOUR life, YOUR habits and YOUR goals!

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” - Jim Rohn

This programme is for you if you:


  • Struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and you may have a health condition (or are at risk of developing one), where you would benefit from losing some weight (e.g. Osteoarthritis, pre-diabetes/diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic diseases and much more).

  • Have been told by your doctor that you need to lose weight for your health, or before having surgery (for example total hip replacement or total knee replacement).

  • Have been struggling with long term pain and feel that poor dietary habits are contributing to this.

  • Find it hard to do it by yourself, and want full support, coaching and guidance, to achieve your goals.

  • Want to take control of your health and weight, and feel like now is the time to put your health first.


Eating well and/or losing weight have also been shown to improve mood, sleep, energy, pain levels, overall quality of life, and reduce the risk of developing long-term health conditions, (or minimising any complications if you already have one).


















What is included in the programme?

I now have just one 'signature' programme which is £599 GBP / $799 USD (other currencies available upon request).


This programme initially takes place over eight one-hour, one-to-one online sessions, and will be personalised to you as required. 

The programme also includes one 30-minute accountability check-in session, to be used within one month of completing the programme.

You will also be sent my PDF booklet "40 thoughts and behaviours that may sabotage your weight loss efforts."





What is covered in the programmes?


Each programme is tailored to you, so exact contents of a programme will differ from person to person as this is not a 'prescription'. I find this makes for a much more successful journey, based on your needs.


All programmes include health coaching throughout, to enable you to make the changes you need to make in order to see the results you want to see, as well as support all the way. I am here for you! 


Components of your bespoke programme may include the following, dependent upon what is most suitable for you:

  • Analysis of your current diet and health status as well as eating behaviours. 

  • Discussion and setting of weight loss goals. 

  • Assessing your weight loss personality. 

  • Exploring your relationship with food. 

  • Functional Imagery Training (FIT)

  • Stress assessment. 

  • Sleep assessment. 

  • Food intolerance/sensitivity assessment*

  • The formulation of a personalised programme, incorporating guidance and education around nutrition, gut health, sleep, stress and movement/exercise.

  • Tools to help with cravings and emotional eating.

  • Guided relaxation audio recorded by myself.

Why a weight loss programme?


Weight loss takes commitment and support. If you are willing to commit to a programme and willing to be subject to a process of regular accountability then you have the right mindset to get started with your weight loss journey once and for all.


If you’re not ready to commit to a programme then ask yourself why? Be REALLY honest. Is it really about the financial investment, or is it that you don’t feel ready to commit or believe in your ability to lose weight and 'follow through'? 


Do you think ‘I know what to do I just need to do it’….but then never do?




Do you think "I’ll just try that 'miracle diet' I tried before because I lost loads of weight so quickly last time"….but then realise this never lasted because it was actually completely unsustainable and months later you ended up heavier than you started out!


Be honest. This is why I offer programmes and not ongoing ‘pay-as-you-go’ coaching sessions that don’t require any real commitment.


In a programme I am committed to supporting and guiding you, to be fully present for you and hold space just for you.


By committing to a programme you are promising yourself the same commitment to yourself. You are investing in yourself. This can really help support a successful start to your weight loss journey.

If you have a health condition it is always essential to discuss starting a weight loss programme with your GP / MD prior to enrolling on my programmes, which is something we can discuss in a discovery call (no charge) prior to enrolment.


Take Action Now:

Book a FREE, no-obligation 30 minute Discovery Session.


Do you want a taster of coaching without the investment in a full programme? Then my 'Action Hour' may be for you! This is one hour for you to focus on one area that is holding you back from reaching your weight-loss / healthy weight goals, with action steps to follow. 

See ALL of my current services and health investments below.

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Weight Loss is one of the key components of the NICE Guidelines for Osteoarthritis, and even 5% body weight reduction can lead to risk reductions for chronic disease, and 10% can have a really significant impact, but it's not easy! Being overweight is strongly linked to reduced life expectancy, so get started now in shaping your healthful future.

Health coaching is not there to 'treat' or 'diagnose' osteoarthritis, however the changes you make can have a positive impact on your quality of life.

*Food intolerance assessment -  if a food sensitivity or intolerance is suspected I have a specific assessment to ascertain the likelihood of this being the case, and then we can discuss steps forwards, 

recommendations etc. This is not a medical diagnosis and should a significant intolerance be suspected, it's recommended you visit your GP/MD for further investigation.

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