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How Can Nutritional Coaching / Therapy Help You?

What Is A Nutritional Therapist?

Are you at risk of nutritional deficiency? Did you know that food you eat can impact your gene expression? Do you want to incorporate more anti-oxidants in to your diet and want to know which 'superfoods' may benefit you?

If you answered yes to any of the above then I can help you. 

In a world full of fast food, eating on the go and stress, many of us grab a quick snack here and there while catching up with emails or running to our next meeting, collecting the children from various locations etc., and then we top up our energy levels with some cake or biscuits, and grab a ready-to-go microwave meal out of the freezer when we get home. Sadly, this all contributes to possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are needed to keep our bodies functioning optimally, or a lack of anti-oxidants which are needed to protect against cell damage from free radicals. Free radicals are produced naturally on a daily basis within our bodies due to essential metabolic processes, but can also come from other sources such as cigarette smoke, air pollutants and such-like, which most of us are exposed to on a daily basis to some extent.

Nutritional therapists cannot diagnose disease or treat disease and there are different types of nutritional therapists, however we can help you to ensure that your diet includes essential nutrients and antioxidants and identify any specific requirements through personalised assessments. 

Optimising your nutrition can have so many health benefits, and has been linked with other aspects of health such as improved mental health, reduced inflammation, increased energy, improvements of many health conditions and much more.

If you're interested in working towards improving your diet and nutrition then get in touch by clicking 'Contact' below or book a FREE Discovery session.

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