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- Sustainable Weight Loss -

The Ultimate Kickstarter Course!

Six Week, self-paced online course


This course is designed to take you through all you need to get you well under way on your long term healthful weight loss journey, and start with a bang!

There is SO MUCH included in this course, and I wanted to do this so that those of you who are currently unable to afford 1:1 coaching, or are apprehensive about spending the money on working 1:1 with me, can start their health and weight loss journey really well, and may never need 1:1 direct support!


I want to make better health accessible to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, I can't make it free as I am a human being who needs to earn a living, and it would hugely undervalue all of the work and time that is put in to creating something like this for you lovely people, but optimising health is my passion, so my goal is to strike a happy-medium.

This course may be particularly helpful if you want to make a sustainable long-term improvement to your health and start losing weight:

  • To support managing a long-term / chronic condition like Osteoarthritis (OA). 

  • If you're at that stage in life where you are likely to embark on a period of hormonal change (e.g over 40, perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause) and want to improve your health as much as possible to be able to manage these years better, including weight related issues associated with menopause. 

  • If you're planning to undergo or have undergone knee or hip replacement surgery and want to improve your health to be able to make the most of your new joint.

All materials are provided and all videos are pre-recorded for each week (section) so you can work through them in your own time. You may want to complete the course over a longer period of time e.g. 12 weeks, and complete one section every couple of weeks, or you may want to complete it a little faster. However you decide to complete the course, I would recommend not leaving too long between each section (for example, leaving six weeks between each section is likely to be far too long, but life can happen), and likewise, don't complete it too fast. Completing a whole section each day and finishing the whole lot within a week is unlikely to allow you the time to make the most of the course. 

This is not a 'diet plan' or 'fitness regime' and it is not something you have to pay an ongoing subscription or membership fee for. There is some tracking involved should you wish, however the focus here is not on calories. If you want to look up your weight loss calorie target before you start then go ahead. I am not 'against' calories, in fact my training included the calculation of weight loss and maintenance calories (for working with clients 1:1 who would like this), however I do not feel all calories are created equally, and gradually working on maximising nutritional value of what you are eating is key. 

Important Information: Once you have paid using the one of the links above, you will be invited to be added as a site member, and once accepted (free), you will be  given access to the course platform within 48 hours. You will be notified by email once access has been granted.

You will then be able to access all videos, materials and resources for each week using the links below.

You will be able to access every section once granted access, however I strongly recommend working through the course in chronological order as I
have designed it to be used this way. Also, in week 1 you will be able to download the complete workbook for use over the whole course.

Please contact me at if you are unable to access the course information after 48 hours.
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